Orchestrate Conflict

Thursday, May 24th, 2018

The strength and the USP of our organization is undoubtedly the fact that we work in teams- small and big. The size depends on the purpose and object of the team formed.

As we enlist members on these teams we normally try to look for those who are easy to work with, those whom we can influence and those who will stand by us.

Although all principles of management tell us that when we build a team we should not start by looking at compatibility and sameness but rather at complementary skills and diversity, we normally ignore that.

Loyalty is definitely an important factor but we confuse about whom they should be loyal to- the organization or the team leader?

As we look for those like-minded team members, are we not compromising on standards? Are we not weakening our organization? A question which definitely can have a variety of answers.

I have always felt that debates and heated discussions help adrenaline flow, which, in turn gives rise to creativity. And with creativity alone can we progress. To get the best results sometimes we even have to orchestrate conflict.

In music dissonance and consonance go together to create harmony. Very few pieces of music use only sounds that are consonant with one another. Dissonance creates tension in the music causing the listener to naturally want some kind of resolution. The art of harmony is the creative use of dissonance and consonance woven together to create tension, a sense of forward motion, resolution, then again tension until there is final resolution.

Forward motion in organizations is also a product of differences that properly orchestrated resolve into a more integrated whole. To make our teams more proactive, at times, we require strong critics who have no hesitation in calling a spade a spade. I am not in any way implying that whatever be the case they must be critical but that they should be fair and objective in their judgment. Individuals who are alert are those who have the good of the association at heart. So when any one criticizes your ideas do not think that they do not like you- it is possible that they have a more objective view of the situation and are thus prodding you rethink your decisions.

Every idea gets more refined as it is heatedly debated upon. More importantly it shows that people care enough about the organization. So let there be conflict, but what is important is that it must be resolved.

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