Saturday, June 16th, 2018

I am reminded of a quotation that I read many years ago which I would like to share, especially with those aspiring for leadership positions:
“Let’s dream. And learn to compete
Let’s compete. And learn to achieve
Let’s achieve. And learn to lead
Yes, let’s do our country proud”.

If one does not dream, one can achieve nothing. But to see one’s dream come into reality, one is required to go through a process of learning and preparing oneself for the responsibility for which one is aspiring through step by step achievements. At times we have seen some people are thrown into positions of leadership without proper grooming or training or preparation to the detriment of the interest of the organization they belong to.
I personally believe the past leadership of any organization should consider this its responsibility to ensure that only proper and competent persons are groomed to take over the leadership, of course, through the democratic process, so that the organization makes the desired progress through positive and strong leadership.
In the present era, it is important that a leader has the knowledge of the modern system of communication and is conversant with use of technology. Since the world is aiming to gradually go paperless, it assumes all the more importance. Effective communication skills to reach the target group and impart proper motivation is a quality that any leader must possess.
A good leader has to act as a motivator to the people of his group and effective communication is the best medium of motivation.
Communication can be verbal or written and each is equally important. If one cannot gets ones thoughts across the best ideas would remain unsaid. Public speaking is a skill which every aspiring leader needs to develop. Nothing can have a more direct and instant impact on the audience than a well crafted and a well delivered speech. How you say it is as important as what you say.
The importance of written communication cannot be denied. It requires specialised skills to pen ones thoughts in as precise a manner as possible. Time is at a premium for all in this fast paced world and nobody has the patience to go through long winding letters. As is often remarked- less is more! Catching attention and keeping it has to be specially worked upon.
Another important consideration is the use of   language that it is comprehensible to all. A letter or note may look good with big words but what use is that if the import of the message is not understood by the reader.
Writing emailsmay seem easier but it may lead to more mis-communication if the subject is not addressed properly.
So all those friends who aspire for leadership positions ask yourself- Am I a good speaker? Can I get my thoughts across? Can I connect with people? This honest introspection is extremely important as communication is one skill that you can improve with practice and perseverance.
It is important to dream to lead but it is equally important that you be equipped to lead!

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