Leadership must be always objective and never subjective

Wednesday, July 11th, 2018

Leadership positions have many responsibilities and one of its prime objectives is to keep the image of the organization high and always try to enhance the same by being fair and transparent in all dealings and actions. In any organization, groups are bound to be there and group dynamics and group interests would always play a role and there is nothing wrong in this. What becomes wrong and against the interest of the organization is when egos within the leadership start playing a role and it becomes subjective and does not remain objective.
I believe and feel rightfully so, that in any organization, especially in a social organization, at no point of time, any issue should be allowed to become a prestige issue. In an issue, there are two sides and only one side wins while the other loses and there is nothing wrong in it. But when an issue becomes a prestige issue, again one side wins and the other loses, but one thing becomes certain that the organization stands to lose. This may have long term effect which is not and cannot be desirable for the organization.
Leadership at all levels should try and remain objective in its actions and never become subjective. If the leadership can maintain this, any organization can only go from strength to greater strength and continue to grow even at a faster pace than it has in the past.

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