A Gift of Mobility… The PET Project – Personal Energy Transportation

Thursday, August 2nd, 2018

“To provide appropriate mobility for  all of God’s children in need”
Personal mobility is something that we often take for granted. Nature has blessed us with the engineering wonder of a human body that works so effectively, yet so “automatically”. But there are some amongst us whose mobility gets restricted due to physical reasons. Accidents and some orthopedic challenges are the most common causes. In such cases, science has progressed enough to make available artificial limbs and mobility devices that may help in restoring normalcy in the life of the affected person. But there are so many individuals in different parts of the world who may even have economic challenges that prohibit them from reaching out to sophisticated devices. Those are the individuals whose families may be so badly hit that even subsistence at lowest levels may become like fighting a battle for life. It is here that lions play an active role in rehabilitating lives and supporting families. Working along with PET (Personal Energy Transportation) is a great example. A film shows what this is all about.
Working along with lions clubs, PET designed and assembled units are today made available to many in Africa and Eastern India. MD 322 has been working collaboratively in this initiative and is now considering setting up a social enterprise for locally manufacture and assembly.

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