About Us


1 . MD 322 has had a history of pioneering leadership institutes in ISAAME ever since fiscal year 2001-02. Leadership Institutes and residential MERL (GMT
and GLT workshops) are a regular feature in all districts.
2 . Apart from the regular institutes as specified above, programs for leader ship development are conducted in each sub district for:

  • Training of cabinet officers
  • Training of club officers
  • District MERL chairpersons seminar (GMT and GLT orientation)
  • Sub district MERL trainings (termed as Club Success Workshops)
  • Cabinet secretary and cabinet treasurer training program
  • Sight First trainings
  • Public speaking and self development workshops

3 . There is a trained pool of individuals who could provide further support in this direction for the purposes of:

  • Capacity building of the members for effective club and district administration
  • Positioning of the association as an effective personal development opportunity
  • Building modules that would lead to ongoing membership development & engagement
  • Creating a “learning environment” image in the industry


How has the Academy been formed?

This is an initiative planned by leaders from MD 322 with approval of the council of governors to put into place systems and facilities for year round leadership development and training programs for lions (and even for non members) for better positioning and image creation of the association. The Academy has acquired a software based video conferencing facility to link up to 7 locations simultaneously and is now setting up it’s website for open communication with the lions of the world. Appropriate approvals from LCI have also been obtained before registration of the foundation and the domain name of its website.