Certified Guiding Lion Program

The course was developed to help the guiding Lion develop a practical and personalized training program for the new club and acquaint them with the latest tools and training so they can effectively support the new club. The course may be taken individually or be facilitated by an instructor and covers five sections:

Section 1:The Skills of a Successful Guiding Lion -allows the participant to analyze the leadership skills needed to serve effectively and assess the skills that the Lion feels might need to be further developed.

Section 2: Get off to a Good Start – Become an EXPERT – acquaints the participant with the tools and training available that could be utilized as part of a personalized training program developed specifically for the new club officers.

Section 3: Develop a Club Officer Mentor Team how to incorporate other knowledgeable Lions, who have specialized skills that match the needs of the new club officers, into an effective support team for the new club.

Section 4: Design Club Officer Training a training template that begins with the basics and provides a strong foundation for training offered by the zone or district.

Section 5: Guiding Lion Resources Key resources for the guiding Lion and/or club officers.

Following the course, participants are asked to complete an exam and submit the Completion Verification Form and exam to LCI headquarters. Successful participants will receive a certificate to recognize their accomplishment and will be entered into a database of certified guiding Lions for the district governor’s use. As of October 4, 2010 certified guiding Lions are required to retake the course every three years to remain certified.

The course materials are available on the LCI web-site and can be found by typing Certified Guiding Lion in the search engine.