Club Branch Program

Club branches enable a small group of people to form a Lions club. Members become part of an existing “parent” Lions club, but hold independent meetings and facilitate their own projects. Club branches elect a president, secretary and treasurer.

A minimum of 5 members are required to form a new club branch.

A member of the parent club is designated to serve as a branch liaison and serves on the branch’s executive committee. The branch liaison attends branch meetings and is a helpful advisor to ensure branch growth and success. Additionally, the branch liaison is automatically a member of the parent club’s board of directors and reports the activities of the branch during board meetings of the parent club.

Regular entrance fees and international dues apply when joining a club branch. When the branch converts and charters a new club, branch members in good standing receive a charter fee waiver. The parent club secretary signs and submits the Club Branch Conversion Form (CB-21) to certify transfer of membership.

More Lioness clubs may join the association if given the opportunity to become a Lioness club branch of the club they are already affiliated with. While branch members become part of the parent club, they operate separately. Additionally, Lionesses are able to take advantage of the Family Membership Program dues discount if a family member belongs to the parent club. In places where spouses typically belong to separate clubs, or want to join separate clubs, they too can be part of club branch just for spouses – and benefit from the family dues structure.

Clubs may also use the Club Branch Program as an opportunity to invite a younger generation to join Lions or start a campus club branch if a perspective club has not built to 20 members.