Club Excellence Process

Building a successful Lions club is a process, and it begins with the Club Excellence Process (CEP).

CEP is a fun, interactive workshop that brings members together to talk about what your club is today and what it will be tomorrow. It gives your club the tools and energize your service, enhance member satisfaction and set goals to keep your club on track for continued growth and success.

Here’s what you’ll accomplish in a CEP Pro or CEP Lite workshop:

STEP 1: Assess Your Club and your community
• Celebrate your club’s accomplishments and discuss what it can accomplish in the future
• Identify unmet community needs and plan a Community Needs Assessment

STEP 2: Making an Excellent Club
• Complete the How Are Your Ratings? survey and identify ways to improve club effectiveness
• Define club excellence and potential obstacles to achieving it

STEP 3: Determining Club Needs
• Review the Community Needs Assessment and what it means for your service projects
• Align your club experience with member expectations and find new resources for success

STEP 4: Setting Goals for the Future
• Set goals that will position your club for success
• Create action plans that will keep your club on track for success

CEP materials can be downloaded for FREE or printed materials may be ordered for a small fee during registration.