Suggested Questions for Club Board of Directors Meeting

Board of Directors
1. Does the board of directors hold monthly meetings?
2. Are all matters of club business handled by the board of directors?
3. Do all the board members attend the board meetings regularly?

1. Are the club’s dues adequate to defray all administrative expenses, including sending delegates to the annual district, multiple district and international conventions? If not, is the club taking steps to increase their dues?
2. Are the club’s dues used for administrative purposes only?
3. Does the club have a budget and is it followed as closely as possible?
4. Are all dues collected in advance?
5. If all dues have not been paid, when will payment of these dues be made?
6. Does the club require the treasurer to send monthly financial reports to the board and quarterly reports to the members? Do these reports include the names of dues-delinquent members?
7. Does the club require at least two signatures on every disbursement check?

1. Does the club have a membership growth and development plan? What have been the results?
2. Are all candidates for membership approved by the board of directors before they are asked to become a member of the club?
3. Does the club have a member orientation program for new members to learn about the association as well as their privileges and obligations as members?
4. Has the club set a membership goal for the fiscal year?

1. Have all of the administrative and activities committees been appointed?
2. Are all committees completing their responsibilities?
3. Is each committee required to report monthly to the club board and quarterly to the club members?