Family Membership

Who Qualifies? This program applies to existing or new Lions in and/or joining the same club and living in the same household related by birth, marriage and other legal means – such as parents, children, spouses, aunts/uncles, cousins, grandparents and in-laws of spouses.

How long will my family receive reduced dues? This is a permanent program that was ratified as part of the Lions Clubs International Constitution.

How Does The Family Membership Dues Program Work? The first family member (Head of Household HH) is required to pay the full International Dues and any applicable entrance fee. Up to four more subsequent qualifying family members over the age of majority in the same household and the same club shall pay one-half of the standard annual dues and full association entrance fees.

Can a life member be part of a family unit? Yes. When completing the Family Unit Certification Form the Life Member should be listed as the head of household. Subsequent qualifying family members will pay one half of the standard annual dues.

Does the age one can become a Lion change? No. Per the associations constitution, formal membership is limited to individuals who are above the age of majority. Therefore, adolescents and minor children are not entitled to formal membership and should not to be added to the membership roster. However, in such cases, clubs are encouraged to allow children to volunteer in age appropriate activities and/or to sponsor a Leo Club for these younger family members as desired.

What sort of voting rights do family members get? Dues paying family members who are above the age of majority each have a vote on club matters and are counted as individual active Lions toward delegate voting formulas for district and international convention votes.

Is Family Unit Member eligible to seek club, district or international office? Lions that are a member of a Family unit are Active Lions with all rights and privileges of an Active Lion. Active Lions are eligible to seek a position as a club, district or international officer.