Financial Suspension of Clubs

A club which has an unpaid balance in excess of US$20 per member or US$1,000 per club, whichever is less, outstanding past 120 days will be suspended, including the suspension of the club’s charter, and all the rights, privileges, and obligations of the Lions club.

In the event the club does not acquire good standing, on or before the 28th day of the month following suspension, the club’s charter will be automatically cancelled. The cancellation of a club for financial suspension may be rescinded within 12 months from the date of the cancellation, in the event the club has paid their account balance in full and a completed reactivation report is received. Any club that has been approved for a payment plan by the Finance Division will not be suspended.

A suspended club is reactivated by paying the outstanding balance in full, or committing to a payment plan and making monthly installment payments as agreed. If not, the charter of the club is canceled automatically after the suspension period.

Suspended clubs can hold meetings to discuss the future of the club and to identify actions to take to regain an active status, as well as make payments to clear the existing outstanding balance, or request a payment plan. However, the clubs cannot conducting service activities and fund-raising activities, participate in district functions and seminars, endorse or nominate a candidate for any office, submit MMR or sponsor new clubs. The DG or any other district officer can avoid unnecessary cancellation by assisting suspended clubs either to py the outstanding balance or negotiating a payment plan with the finance division.