Frequently Asked Questions (CEP)

Who is CEP targeted towards?
CEP is not just for weak clubs or clubs that are struggling. CEP is for all clubs that want to do better; to reevaluate their clubs service projects, reenergize club members and grow membership.
How can clubs participate in CEP?
Clubs interested in participating in CEP can access the materials on the LCI website.
Where can a club hold a CEP workshop?
Clubs can conduct a CEP workshop during regular meetings, a retreat or other club gathering. The workshop can be delivered in one to four sessions.
What will clubs accomplish in a CEP workshop?
Each Lion attending a CEP workshop will complete a Community Needs Assessment and the How are Your Ratings? survey. After reviewing the results of these assignments, the club will create goals and develop action plans in order to build the success of the club.
What is the role of the GMT/GLT Coordinator?
District GLT coordinators should identify and train Lions in their district to become CEP Pro facilitators.
It is important that the district GMT and GLT coordinators obtain copies of the goals and action plans of participating clubs once they have completed their CEP workshop. This will allow the district GMT and GLT coordinators to follow up with the club(s) on a regular basis to ensure that they are on track to accomplish their goals.
LCI Contact:
District and Club Administration Division
Phone: 630-468-6919