LCIF Grant Programs

There are several types of grants.

Sight First grants fight preventable and reversible blindness by supporting eye health care delivery systems, training and infrastructure development. Lions districts and multiple districts work with their regional SightFirst Technical Advisor in applying for a grant.

Standard grants are the grants Lions are most likely to be involved with. Standard grants provide matching funds up to US$75,000 for large-scale projects that address important humanitarian needs.

International Assistance grants fund partnership projects between Lions clubs in at least two countries. Grants provide between US$5,000 and US$30,000 on a matching basis to fund smaller-scale development projects in needy countries, such as medical missions, primary health care, food self-sufficiency, aid for disability organizations and clean water initiatives.

Core 4 innovative projects that target urgent needs under Lions’ core areas of concern: preserving sight, combating disability, promoting health, and serving youth. Grants are available for amounts up to US$200,000 on a three-to-one matching basis.

Emergency grants are awarded in amounts up to US$10,000 immediately following natural disasters to fund distribution of relief aid.

Major Catastrophe grantsare awarded in amounts of US$50,000 to US$200,000 to help fund longer-term reconstruction projects following major calamities.

Designated grants represent funds donated to LCIF restricted for specific activities and projects.