LEO Lions club Program

Leo Lions clubs are designed to provide a transition for graduating Leos to build upon the skills they learned as a Leo and apply these skills as a Lion. To make this transition easy, Lions Clubs International is extending a special dues discount and an exciting new club opportunity to former Leos and other like-minded young adults.

Are there any special requirements for chartering a Leo Lions Club?
Yes. A minimum of 10 former Leos are needed to charter a Leo Lions Club with at least 20 total members. Former Leos and the young adults they recruit receive a charter/entrance fee waiver,and those through age 30 also qualify for the Leo to Lion Program and pay only half international dues. Certification is required.

How do Leo Lions and young adults get certified?
New clubs must submit the Leo to Lion Certification and Years of Service Transfer Form (LL-2) for each Leo and young adult with the charter application. Existing clubs submit the certification form with the MMR, or file online using the WMMR by selecting “Leo Lion” or “young adult” from the membership type drop box, when reporting a new Leo Lion or young adult.

Who can join a Leo Lions Club?
Any individual who meets the requirements of Lions membership is eligible for membership in a Leo Lions Club. Members over the age of 30, however, do not qualify for the Leo to Lion Program dues discount.