Lions Quest

Mission : To empower and support adults throughout the world to nurture caring and responsibility in young people.

The program is having a huge, global impact.

More than 12 million youth have been taught positive life skills through Lions Quest, our most comprehensive program for youth. A kindergarten through 12th grade program teaching positive youth development and prevention skills, Lions Quest unites the home, school and community to cultivate capable and healthy young people. More than 500,000 educators have been trained to implement the programs, which supports character development, social and emotional learning, civic values, violence and substance abuse prevention and service-learning.

Lions work with the schools to implement the program and often partner on community service-learning projects.

The program has drawn rave reviews from educators and high ratings from government agencies. Over the past 25 years, program developers, school districts, universities and independent research firms have conducted program evaluations which indicate that the Lions Quest program improves achievement test scores, changes attitudes and beliefs regarding substance abuse and violence, lowers rates of disciplinary problems, lowers risk of dropping out of school and decreases use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

Continually expanding, Lions Quest is currently active in 72 countries and program materials have been translated into 35 languages