Lions Worldwide Induction Day

The program provides an organized event to encourage membership recruitment and coordinated public relations to increase public awareness.
The program is planned around a high-profile induction ceremony conducted in April by each district on the same day around the world, preferably during a district and multiple district convention or another event. Each district develops a special program to honor new inductees. Many districts will organize a single district-wide event; other districts will encourage clubs and zones to develop their own program to honor the day. Lions Clubs International will provide participating districts and clubs with a planning guide, special commemorative new member certificates for each new inductee, and news releases for participating club presidents.
The ceremony may include all Lions inducted during the year or during a membership campaign designated by the governor and may feature a special speaker or unique program. To make the program memorable, clubs and districts may consider organizing a group service project to show Lions’ commitment to service, design a special presentation that underscores the importance of Lions clubs to the community or host a reception in honor of the new members. To gain media coverage, participants are asked to invite city officials and the media to participate in the event.
A planning guide and special certificates are available to help you organize your event. For more information, please send your request to the New Clubs and Marketing Department:
Lions Clubs International
New Clubs and Marketing Department
300 W. 22nd Street, Oak Brook,
IL 60523-8842 USA
Fax: 630-571-1691