Membership Dues

Membership dues are annual and billed twice a year. They are based on the club membership reports entered as of June 30 and December 31.

New member dues begin the first of the month in which the person becomes a member. The total amount billed for a new member will appear on the monthly club statement along with the member’s name, number and join dates. The total amount includes:

  • Entrance fee established by International Board of             Directors
  • Prorated dues in accordance with months remaining in billing period
  • Convention fund
  • LION Magazine fee

Reinstated or Transfer Member – Any former Lion who drops membership and later applies for reinstatement or transfer is considered a new member if his/her membership drops more than one year previous, and the club will be billed accordingly.

Dropped Members – Full credit is given only when dropped members are reported during June and December of the respective semi-annual periods provided the monthly membership reports reach headquarters by July 31 and January 31 of respective semi-annual periods. Credit for dropped members is not issued any other months of the year.

The names and member numbers of the dropped members and credit amount issued will appear on the monthly club account statement.

Confirmation of Membership Changes – The confirmation of membership changes will be shown on the monthly club statement provided there is a debit or credit issued along with the name and member number of the individual.

Charter Members – Clubs are billed for charter members from the first of the month following the date on which the members were reported. The billing is on a prorated basis for months remaining in current per capita period.