Obligations of Chartered Clubs

The obligations of each chartered club shall be as follows:

a. To hold regularly scheduled meetings.

b. Except as otherwise provided herein, to collect from each member minimum annual dues to cover international and district (single, sub- and multiple) dues and such other expenses as are necessary for club administration.

c. To encourage and motivate regular participation in club activities.

d. To conduct on activities for the advancement of the civic, cultural, social or moral welfare of the community and for the promotion of international understanding.

e. To report monthly to the International Office such information as may be called for by the board of directors of the association.

f. To report to the International Office the financial condition of the club upon request.

g. To elect officers, annually, not later than April 15, whose terms of office shall commence on July 1 following their election.

h. To thoroughly investigate the background of all persons proposed for membership in the community where the proposed individual resides or has a place of business or is employed.

i. To uphold, preserve and enhance the image of The International Association of Lions Clubs.

j. To abide by the policies and requirements as determined, from time to time, by the International Board of Directors.

k. To further the Lions Clubs International Purposes and Lions Code of Ethics.

l. To resolve all disputes arising at the club level according to the Club Dispute Resolution Procedure set out, from time to time, in the Policy of the International Board of Directors.