Official Protocal

The following is the official protocol policy of The International Association of Lions Clubs. Only the principal speaker is required to acknowledge all dignitaries present.

1. International President
2.Immediate Past International President
3.International Vice Presidents (according to rank)
4.Past International Presidents (b)
5.International Directors (a) (Board Appointees)*/**
6.Past International Directors (c)
7.Regional LCIF Coordinators
8. Area GMT/GLT Leaders
9.Chairperson, Council of Governors (a)
10.District Governors
11.Association Senior Executive Administrator
12.Association Executive Administrator
13.Association Secretary
14.Association Treasurer
15.Past Council Chairperson (a)
16.Immediate Past District Governor (a)
17.Multiple District Chairpersons and Coordinators (including LCIF, GMT and GLT)
18.First Vice District Governor
19.Second Vice District Governor
20.Past District Governor (a)
21.Multiple District Secretaries (Volunteer) (a)
22.Multiple District Treasurers (Volunteer) (a)
23.District Secretaries (a)
24.District Treasurers (a)
25.Region Chairperson (a)
26.Zone Chairperson (a)
27.District Chairperson and Coordinators (including LCIFCoordinators)and GMT/GLT Team Leaders(a)
28.Club Presidents (a)
29.Immediate Past Club Presidents (a)
30.Club Secretaries (a)
31.Club Treasurers (a)
32.Past Club Presidents (a)
33.Multiple District Secretaries (staff) (a)
34.Multiple District Treasurers (staff) (a)