All redistricting proposals require the International Board of Directors’ approval. Redistricting includes creating a multiple district from a single district, adding sub-districts to an existing multiple district, dividing or combining any one or more sub-districts, any changes to the boundary of existing sub-districts, merging of adjacent sub-districts

Before a redistricting proposal can be submitted to the International Board of Directors for approval it must be submitted by a multiple or single district and each proposed new district must contain at least 35 Lions clubs in good standing and a minimum membership of 1,250 members in good standing.

A redistricting proposal from a multiple district must be approved by the convention of the multiple district and the convention of the redistricting sub-district(s), if the sub-district(s) meet the minimum membership requirements for a district

A redistricting fee of US$500; this fee is waived if the redistricting proposal reduces the number of sub-districts

Multiple or single districts seeking approval must submit the following to the international office by August 15:

A certified copy of the minutes of the convention of the redistricting single or sub-district(s) as well as the multiple district at which the proposal was approved as soon as the minutes become available , a list of the clubs, which will comprise each proposed sub-district with each club’s membership, a map clearly defining proposed boundary lines for all proposed sub-district(s) or changes in boundary lines, payment of US$500 as a redistricting fee, which will be waived if the result of the redistricting reduces the number of districts

The accounts of all the clubs in the redistricting single or sub-district(s) should have no outstanding balance over 90 days when the redistricting proposal is submitted.

No redistricting proposal will be approved at the June/July board meeting.