Single Club Transfers

A club may transfer from one district to an adjacent district, and the boundaries can be changed accordingly without having to follow formal redistricting procedures, provided that such a transfer does not substantially change the existing district boundaries.
A club transfer will be considered when the following information is submitted to the English Language Department:
A copy of the minutes of the club meeting at which the majority of the members approved the transfer.
The written approval of each of the current governors of the respective districts.
A copy of the minutes of the cabinet meetings, indicating the approval of the respective district cabinets.
A map showing the exact present and new location of the club and the new boundaries of each district.
A single club transfer will become effective immediately, upon approval.
Send single club transfer requests to:
Lions Clubs International
English Language Department 
300 W. 22nd Street
Oak Brook, Illinois 60523-8842, USA
Fax: 630-706-9273