Student Member Program

The Student Member Program offers a special dues discount to students to encourage student participation in campus-based and traditional Lions clubs and ensure the dynamism of student involvement in Lions.
Active Membership: Qualifying students are active members and entitled to all rights and privileges, including full voting rights and subject to all obligations which membership in a Lions club confers or implies.
Student Member Dues Rate: Eligible students receive a charter/entrance fee waiver and pay only half international dues billed semi-annually. It is further recommended that districts and multiple districts consider exempting or lowering their dues for student members as deemed appropriate.
Students of new Campus Lions clubs, or clubs with a majority of student members, are required to prepay one year of international dues at the student member rate  & submit with the charter application.
Extended Campus Lions Club Billing Adjustment Period: Campus Lions clubs with student members have through March 31 for the January per capita billing and through September 30 for the July per capita billing to amend the club roster to accommodate the typical school schedule.
The eligibility definition of “student” is as follows: A student is an individual enrolled in an educational institution and between the age of legal majority in the jurisdiction in which they reside and through the age of 30. Student members are required to provide documentation verifying school enrollment and age.  Campus club students qualify for both the reduced dues rate and the extended billing adjustment period. However, students not involved in a Campus Lions club do not receive the extended billing adjustment period. All students involved in traditional clubs are eligible to receive the student member dues rate.