The Lioness Bridge Program

The Opportunity – The Lioness Bridge Program makes it possible for Lionesses to honor and acknowledge their proud past while enjoying all the benefits, rights and privileges associated with Lions club membership.

Use of “Lioness” in Club Name – Lions clubs may be chartered with the word “Lioness” in their name. When naming the new Lioness club, the word “Lioness” is always placed before the words “Lions Club” to read as “Lioness Lions Club.”

Lioness Conversion Program – The Lioness Conversion Program, which began in January 1996, credits Lioness service years when Lionesses become Lions or charter a Lions club.

Special Lioness-Lions Pin – Lionesses who become Lions receive a special Lions pin featuring the Lioness “L” logo to recognize their past service. This is the perfect symbol of the bridge built between the Lionesses’ proud past and their promising future as a Lions club member.

Chartering Requirements – For chartering a Lioness Lions club, the same requirements apply as for chartering a traditional Lions club:

  • 20 or more charter members
  • A sponsoring club, zone, region, district cabinet or district committee
  • District governor’s approval
  • Completed Charter Application

If the Lionesses do not have the minimum number of charter members, they can form a branch of the sponsoring club. A minimum of five members is recommended to form a club branch. Club branch members have all the same rights, benefits and privileges as members of their parent club. They are required to fill the Lioness Conversion Historical Record form to retain their years of service in the association.