Ways to Support LCIF

Contributing Member:Donors receive a colorful lapel pin for a gift of US$20. Silver and gold levels are given for donations of US$50 and US$100 respectively.

Honor Roll: A certificate is given to individuals who contribute US$100 and the recipient’s name is entered on LCIF’s Honor Roll at International Headquarters for the year in which the gift is received.

Melvin Jones Fellowship: Individuals who donate US$1,000, and persons for whom such donations are made, are recognized as Melvin Jones Fellows. Melvin Jones Fellows receive a lapel pin and a personalized wall plaque.

Melvin Jones Fellowship Progressive Program: Individuals who give from US$1,000 to US$100,000, beyond their initial MJF donation, & persons for whom such donations are made, are enrolled in the Progressive Program. Melvin Jones Fellows receive a diamond, sapphire, ruby, emerald or amethyst set in a lapel pin, consistent with the amount donated.

Humanitarian Partners: The Humanitarian Partner Program honors individuals whose cumulative donations exceed US$100,000, US $200,000, US$350,000 and US $500,000, respectively.

Friend of Humanity Award: The LCIF Friend of Humanity Award honors individuals who made significant efforts to promote financial support of LCIF and advance its mission. No more than 50 people are honored each year.

Helping Hands Award: The LCIF Helping Hands Award honors those who promote understanding and support of LCIF on a club, region, district or multiple district level.

Corporate Recognition: An engraved plaque is presented to corporations that provide an unrestricted gift of US$1,000 or more to the foundation.

Club Recognition: Clubs that donate US$1,000 for which no other form of recognition is received will be given an inscribed plaque.

LCIF Legacy to Lions: Individuals may support the foundation through gift annuities and through direct gifts of cash, gifts of stock and appreciated assets.