Index to Materials

These materials have been developed by PID Lion Howard Lee, Global Membership Team Leader, in consultation with the MD Membership Officer and the MD Leadership Officer, specifically to suit Clubs within MD105. However, in their development, the Lions Clubs International Club Excellence Process has been followed as closely as possible. It is envisaged that they will also have application in many other parts of the world of Lions.
To access the materials, click on the relevant links below.
1 Overview and General Guide 1010.doc
2 My Ideal Club Sample Agenda 1010.doc
3 My Ideal Club MD105 w script 1010.ppt

4 My Ideal Club Script 1010.doc
5 Club Evaluation Questionnaire Guide HL 1010.doc
6 Club Evaluation Questionnaire HL 1010.xls
7 Pie Charts for Results of Club Evaluation 1010.xls
8 Club Evaluation – Club Presentation 1010.ppt

9 Skills and Interests Form 1010.pdf
10 Public Questionnaire Guide HL 1010.doc
11 Public Questionnaire HL 1010.xls
12 Community Needs Assessment LCI 1010.pdf
13 Action Plan Worksheet 1010.doc
14 Action Plan Worksheet example 1010.doc
15 Attracting New Members 1010.doc
16 My Ideal Club Promo 1101.ppt