Certified Guiding Lion Program

The first two years is the most critical time for a new club. District governors are encouraged to appoint two Certified Guiding Lions, to guide the new club through its first 2 years of operation, orient and train new club officers and to motivate and support the new club growth.

A Guiding Lion is limited to serving no more than two clubs at any point in time and Certified Guiding Lions are required to retake the Certified Guiding Lion Course every three years to maintain certification.
A new module has been developed to apply the Certified Guiding Lion strategy to assist failing or cancelled clubs. The module includes:

Rebuilding Guiding Lion Assignment Form – Complete this form to assign a Guiding Lion to a club and ensure they receive the monthly Club Health Assessment.

Certified Guiding Lion Rebuilding Assessment – A checklist tool designed to identify the club’s strengths and areas for improvement so that the Guiding Lion can develop training and support specific to the needs of the club.
To receive the Certified Guiding Lion Award Medal, certified guiding Lions complete Quarterly Reports throughout the two-year term along with fulfilling other requirements. The requirements are outlined on the Certified Guiding Lion Final Report.