Charter Cancellation / Club Boundaries / Club Mergers and Name Changes

Club charters may be cancelled for the following reasons:

  1. Members of the club vote to disband. When this decision is made, the club notifies the district governor. The district governor advises the English Language Department of the club’s request for cancellation along with a proof of payment for any outstanding balance the club owed the association.
    Coordinating Lions recommend cancellation of clubs in undistricted areas.
  1. A status quo club is not returned to active status in 90 days.

Club Boundaries
The boundaries of the club are the boundaries of the municipality or equivalent government subdivision in which the club is located.

Club Mergers and Name Changes
Two or more Lions clubs may wish to merge into one. The district governor submits the Merger Request form (DA-979) to the English Language Department.
The newly merged club may request a Certificate of Merger to recognize the members of the newly merged club.
A Club Name Change Request form (DA-980) is submitted from the club to the English Language Department. These forms are available on the LCI website and can be easily found by typing the form code into the search box.
Replacement charters with the new name are available for $25.00.