Club Success

Why Members Drop

Working Together: Dwelling on differences can lead to poor communication and unsatisfied members. This new clinic has been created to address the retention challenges that most directly affect the ability of a club to form a productive, cohesive group.

Lengthy/Boring Meetings: Always one of the chief reasons given for leaving a club. Interesting and productive meetings are very important to the efficient functioning of your club. They are also important to your members. Planning and running effective meetings that follow a well prepared agenda will help accomplish this.

Club Politics/Cliques: Are politics getting in the way of club business? Member feedback indicates that too often club politics do get in the way. Do cliques within the club snub new members, making it difficult for them to feel a part of the group? Breaking down the cliques and politics will make your club environment welcoming and productive. All members will feel more interested and involved.

Lack of Involvement: Once your club inducts new members, be sure to engage them in activities that interest them and allow them to take on leadership roles. Members who see they play an active, important part in the club are far less likely to drop out.
Retention is an ongoing team effort, led by the club president. Keeping your club efficient, productive, and meaningful to your members will result in many benefits:

– a club that is a vital, respected part of your community

– the ability to help people in need locally, and globally

– a club that offers personal and professional growth opportunities for members