Family Membership Certification Reporting Questions

When To Certify Family Units:  The Family Unit Certification is to be completed when reporting new members using the WMMR or the MMR. Once a family unit is certified, recertification is only necessary when there is a change of address or membership status. The certifying of Family Units corresponds with the semi-annual per-capita billing cut-off dates of November 30 and May 31.

Filing on-line WMMR: The club secretary must complete the online family unit certification form verifying family unit information. Read the Online Certification Instructions for step-by-step directions to complete the form online. Club Secretaries who file WMMR reports may verify their family units by printing the Family Unit Report from the REPORT section of the WMMR site.

Filing by paper: Submit the printable Family Unit Certification Form with the Monthly Membership Report (MMR) in which the new member or a family unit is being reported.

In order to drop a family member from the club roster, the member will first need to be removed from the Family Unit. To remove the member from the family unit, please do the following:
Log on to the WMMR Membership site, Click the Club link, Click the Family Units link, Click the Update button next to the family unit name, Click the Add To/Remove From Family Unit box to remove the member from the family unit, Click the Save button. You can now Drop the member using the Drop link

If you need to drop the Head of Household from your roster, you will need to remove all the family members associated with the Head of Household and click the Save button. After the removed members are done processing, deselect the Head of Household and click the Save button.