Lions Mentoring Program

The objective is to help every member achieve the goal of better serving his or her community through a program of personal development that helps members realize the potential that their unique skills and knowledge offer. It prepares them for leadership in clubs, association and in their personal lives as well.
The Lions Mentoring Program is completed in two parts, basic and advanced. Each part is completed in two levels.

Basic Mentoring Program

– Level One, The Responsibility of Being a Lion: The first level of the Basic Mentoring Program is devoted to developing an understanding of who Lions are, their vision of humanitarian service, the traditions, the organizational structure and the responsibility of being a Lions club member. It should be a goal of every club that all new Lions complete the level one in their first three months of membership.

– Level Two, Relationships: The second level of the Basic Mentoring Program is for developing relationships and organizational skills in preparation for leadership at the club level. Level two should be completed in the new Lion’s first six months of membership.

Advanced Mentoring

The goals of the Lions Advanced Mentoring Program are to see results and to provide replication.

  1. Level One, Results: The emphasis of this level is upon developing accountability for results by focusing on community projects and programs that provide useful and needed humanitarian service. Completion of this level provides a stepping-stone for accepting a leadership role within the club.
  2. Level Two, Replication: This level concentrates on the mentee’s role in developing others for leadership in the association and for humanitarian service. It ensures long-range growth and can serve as a basis for leadership within the district structure. This phase can be augmented with additional training at district level and at area forums.