Monthly Membership Report

All Lions and Leo clubs are asked to report any membership changes on a monthly basis. Even when there are no changes in membership, clubs should report “No changes for the Month.” Monthly reporting ensures accurate statement billing, magazine and miscellaneous mailings, award(s) criteria and other benefits.

To access the MyLCI website, click MyLCI on the Home Page,
Club presidents and secretaries can submit their monthly membership changes using the MyLCI website. Membership changes reported using MyLCI are recorded immediately and available to view by LCI headquarters, club, district and multiple district officers and chairpersons. The current reporting month is open for submission of reports throughout the entire month – from the 1st through the last current day of each month. When “No Changes for the Month” has been selected, subsequent reporting entries are permitted for that month. Related reports will be updated accordingly. The reporting month closes on the last calendar day of each month at 12:00am (midnight)

Central Standard Time (CST).
Note: the MyLCI site only accepts the current calendar month’s report. You may backdate transactions up to two (2) months but, they will be displayed in the detail section of the current calendar month’s report. For reports dating back further than two (2) months, you will need to submit a paper MMR form (c23a) to the Member Service Center.
Membership reports cannot be submitted, in advance, of upcoming months.

Lions club presidents and secretaries can also submit their monthly membership changes using the paper MMR form (c23a). Membership reporting forms received by the 20th calendar day of the month (for example, July 20, August 20) will be entered in that same month. The paper MMR form is available to download on the LCI association website or can be obtained from the Member Service Center. Paper MMR forms can be submitted by post mail, fax or email to the Member Service Center.