Protocol Issues

Head Table Seating
The presiding officer or meeting chairperson must always be seated at the most central seat at the table when there is no central podium- seat . The principal speaker would occupy seat 2, then other Lion dignitaries in accordance with the general order of precedence. If possible, there should be the same number of seats to the right and left of the chairperson or presiding officer .
Figure 1

7 5 3 1 2 4 6

As shown in figure 2, seating at a head table with a podium is essentially the same, except the meeting chairperson or presiding officer is always seated at the left of the podium (facing the audience) and the principal speaker at the right.
Figure 2

7 5 3 1 Podium 2 4 6 8

When spouses are present, they should be seated to the member’s left when on the left side of the table, and to the member’s right when on the right side of the table.

General Comments
When a Lion holds more than one title, he/she shall be recognized for the highest one. In areas that have positions in addition to those listed above, they should be recognized in accordance with local customs, provided that elective officers always have precedence over appointive ones. It is recommended that Melvin Jones Fellows be recognized as a group. In introducing speakers, their status as Melvin Jones Fellows should be mentioned.

National Anthems
When official representatives of the International Board of Directors (whether or not currently serving on the board) from another country are present at an event where national anthems are normally played, they should be extended the privilege of having their anthem played.