Recommending Status Quo for a Club

Requests for placement into status quo for failure to fulfill the obligations of a Lions Club are made by the district governor with the approval of the first vice district governor and the zone chairperson. Sufficient documentation demonstrating that the club is not in compliance with the International Constitution and By-laws or Board Policy and the actions taken by the DG Team to encourage compliance is required to be submitted along with the request. Requests must be received 90 days or more prior to the district and/or multiple district conventions. The club will be placed in status quo once there is significant documentation that the club is not complying with the International Constitution and By-Laws.

NOTE: The placement of a sponsoring Lions club on status quo also affects the standing of any Leo club.
Assistance for Status Quo Clubs

Every effort should be made to assist status quo clubs before charter cancellation. The following procedures are to be followed to give assistance and support to status quo clubs:

(1) When a Lions club is placed in status quo for failure to comply with the obligations of a club, the District Governor Team or the Coordinating Lion, shall start working with the club immediately toward its release from status quo. The District Governor Team must keep the district governor informed about the progress of the status quo clubs in the zone.

(2) If helpful, the district governor may assign a Certified Guiding Lion to help bring the club back into good standing. The Certified Guiding Lion must have the approval of both the club and the DG Team.

(3) The district governor or the Coordinating Lion must review the progress and inform LCI headquarters in writing of the progress made or the recommendation of cancellation.

The club reactivation report (DA-970) is to be co-signed by the 1st vice district governor and zone chairperson.