All redistricting proposals require the International Board of Directors’ approval. Redistricting includes: Creating a multiple district from a single district, Adding sub-districts to an existing multiple district, Dividing or combining any one or more sub-districts, Any changes to the boundary of existing sub-districts. Merging of adjacent sub-districts. All redistricting proposals be submitted and filed with District and Club Administration Division 60 days prior to the October board meeting.

Districts (single, -sub or multiple districts) seeking to redistrict must submit the following:. A list of clubs with membership that would comprise each proposed sub-district, with each sub-district having minimum of 35 clubs with 1,250 members in good standing 60 days prior to the board meeting. A map clearly defining the proposed boundary lines or changes in boundary lines for each district. Payment of US$500 as a redistricting fee,. Districts and multiple districts submitting a request must include copy of the minutes duly certified It should be noted that only a majority vote and not a twothirds vote, is required for consideration by the International Board of Directors.

A multiple district that is consolidating one or more sub-districts that have fewer than 35 clubs and 1,250 members to increase the number of members per sub-district must also submit the documentation but is not required to submit a payment. Approval is required from the convention of the multiple district.

A multiple district proposing to redistrict, but is not changing subdistrict lines, must also submit Minutes showing the approval of the proposal and subsequent district name changes by a two-thirds vote of the district cabinet members from two-thirds of the districts.

All approved redistricting proposals shall take effect at the adjournment of the next international convention unless a later International Convention is specified. Any objections with regard to the procedure or process followed to gain approval of the resolution and the district (single, -sub or multiple) must be resolved utilizing the appropriate dispute resolution process.

The election of the district governor, first vice district governor and second vice district governor must take place following the approval of the proposal by the International Board of Directors and prior to the International Convention for which the redistricting will follow. The election must take place during a properly called meeting of the delegates of the new district. It is suggested that the election take place during an existing district or multiple district convention for which the delegates would normally attend.